November 20, 2018

Williams: Where Dominion's compressor station is concerned, Buckingham deserves the same treatment as Mount Vernon

Gov. Ralph Northam empathized with concerns raised in June by a caller during the “Ask the Governor” radio show about a proposed Dominion natural gas compressor station’s impact on the view from George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Surely something could be done, the caller said, noting Northam has the ear of Dominion’s CEO.

The facility in Charles County, Md., wasn’t on Northam’s radar, he replied, “but it’s something that would concern me, and I will be glad to look into it.”

“I really want to move more toward renewable energy and wean ourselves away from fossil fuels, and I have told people, I’ve told Dominion, that by 2030 I would like at least 30 percent or more of the energy that’s generated in Virginia to come from renewable energy. And we are making progress with both solar and wind,” he added.

As for the Maryland compressor station and Mount Vernon, “if it’s going to impact their view, if it’s going to contribute to environmental detriment, it’s something I’m concerned about and I will do everything that I can to look into it.”