Virginia Energy Reform Act

UPDATE: This bill has been carried over for one year. Read more here

The Virginia Energy Reform Act is a better way forward for powering Virginia than the current dead-end system in which our utilities benefit from monopoly control of both the Commonwealth’s energy market at the customers’ expense.

The Virginia Energy Reform Act:

  • Establishes a well-designed, competitive market for electricity retailers to give families and businesses a choice. 
  • Requires monopoly electric utilities to exit the retail services and generation businesses and be limited to just owning and maintaining the distribution system.
  • Establishes a nonprofit independent entity that has no financial stake in electricity market outcomes to coordinate operation of the distribution system. 
  • Implements performance-based regulation of monopoly electric distribution utilities,  tying the amount they charge for their service to key outcomes such as cost and reliability.  
  • Implements a standard ensuring that cost-effective energy efficiency resources are deployed across the Commonwealth.
  • Establishes a bill assistance program for low-income households that have to spend a disproportionately high percentage of their income on electricity.
  • Builds in additional consumer protections and education to ensure smart energy choices.