Cassady Craighill

Cassady moved to Virginia in 2017 after living in Washington, DC for several years and growing up in the western North Carolina foothills and graduating from UNC Asheville. After earning a M.A. from Georgetown University and publishing research about public perceptions of complex technologies, Cassady worked for Greenpeace USA where she developed strategies for communicating about climate impacts, the influence of the oil and gas industry on our democracy, and the energy footprint from the internet. An expert in rapid response communications, Cassady’s quotes have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Associated Press.

Lizzie Hylton

Lizzie is a Charlottesville native and Yale University alumnus who has worked on political campaigns across the state of Virginia, most recently as the Field Director in VA-02 for Elaine Luria for Congress. Before that, she led the Get Out the Vote efforts for Governor Northam and the 2017 Virginia Coordinated Campaign in Norfolk and Portsmouth, worked in Hampton Roads for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to help organize the resistance to Trump’s administration and build a broad community coalition in preparation to take back the House of Representatives in 2018, and organized in Loudoun County on the 2016 VA-10 Congressional and Presidential races.

Brennan Gilmore

Brennan Gilmore is a native of Lexington, Virginia and a graduate of the University of Virginia. Following fifteen years in the U.S. Foreign Service focused on human rights, humanitarian affairs and conflict resolution in Africa and the Middle East, he served as Chief of Staff to former Congressman and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello. Mr. Gilmore also served as Vice President for Operations for Wize Solutions, a Virginian rural workforce development enterprise. He leads the New Appalachian music group Wild Common.