Clean Virginia is fully invested in responding quickly and effectively to our climate and energy burden emergencies and wants all Virginia residents to pay fair prices for clean, renewable energy. We believe that a more ethical and transparent state government is key to achieving these goals. We work alongside a broad coalition of partners in advocating for clean and affordable electricity as well as good governance and anti-corruption measures aimed at reforming Virginia’s weak campaign finance laws in 2023. 

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2023 Energy/Ratemaking Legislation

Affordable Energy Act

Bill No: SB1321
Chief Patron: Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D)
Bill No: HB1604
Chief Patron: Del. Lee Ware (R)
Chief Co-Patron: Del. Rip Sullivan (D)
These bipartisan bills restores the SCC’s traditional authority to reduce rates and avoid future customer overcharges.

Rate Adjustment Clause (RAC) Reform
Bill No: SB1417
Chief Patron: Sen. David Suetterlein (R)
UPDATE: The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee failed to advance SB1417.
Bill No: HB2267
Chief Patron: Del. Tony Wilt (R)
Chief Co-Patron: Del. Suhas Subramanyam (D)
These bipartisan bills restore the State Corporation Commission’s traditional authority to use the base rate for cost recovery, as an alternative to new RACs, when appropriate.

Shared Solar
Bill No: SB1083
Chief Patron: Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Scott Surovell
This bill eases the creation of shared solar facilities and provides for reasonable customer costs.

Utility Shut Offs
Bill No: HB2283
Chief Patron: Del. Irene Shine (D)
This bill limits the ability of electric, gas and water utilities to disconnect customers from critical services during extreme weather events or during periods of crisis.
Bill No: HB1875
Chief Patron: Del. Dan Helmer (D)
This bill delays the ability of electric, gas and water utilities to disconnect certain residential customers with serious medical conditions from critical services.

2023 Good Governance Legislation

Utility Monopoly Political Contribution Ban
Bill No: SB804
Chief Patron: Sen. Chap Petersen (D)
This bill prohibits public utility monopolies in Virginia from contributing to the political campaigns and committees of the government officials who are tasked with regulating them.
UPDATE: The Senate Privileges and Elections Committee failed to advance SB 804.

Prohibiting the Personal Use of Campaign Funds
Bill No: SB 1471 and HB1826 and HB 1552 
Chief Patron: Sen. Jennifer Boysko, Del. Mike Cherry, and Del. Marcus Simon
This bill bans the personal use of campaign funds donated to a political candidate.