Clean Virginia was founded with one mission: end the cycle of legalized corruption in Virginia politics, in which lawmakers accept unlimited donations from the public utilities they have a duty to regulate.  

We recognize that there are many ways for legislators to demonstrate their commitment to good governance. Therefore, if a candidate has a public record of a commitment to not accept donations from Dominion or Appalachian Power Company’s PACs, executives and lobbyists, and holds no stock in either company, we will consider them eligible for funding. For those who are not yet on the public record, we will send candidates a short questionnaire about their positions on accepting money from these utilities. 

Dominion Energy is Virginia’s largest corporate contributor, having given over $11 million in the past decade to lawmakers who we elect to regulate it. In return, Dominion has expanded its profits, overcharged consumers, and quashed clean energy reforms at every turn. This must change, and Clean Virginia has a long-term commitment to seeing that it does.

does your representative take dirty Money? 

Once you have identified your representatives, check them against the list below of Virginia politicians who have pledged not to take contributions from regulated monopolies.  If your representative is not on the list, contact them and encourage them to commit to not taking money from Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power.

Find out how IF your representative has taken MONEY from Dominion: