Every three years, the State Corporation Commission (SCC) fully reviews and potentially adjusts what Virginia Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power customers pay for electricity. This regulatory process is called the triennial review, also known as a rate case, and it’s how the SCC determines company overcharges, refunds due customers, the amount of profit utilities should earn in future years and rate increases or decreases.

Under Virginia’s regulatory compact, both Dominion and APCo are granted monopolies over electric service in exchange for agreeing to have rates and earnings set by the SCC. Current law requires both companies to undergo triennial reviews.

During active cases, this page will track the progress of the review as well as alert the public with opportunities to participate. In between cases, this page will serve as a source of information about past cases and news connected to upcoming cases. 

The next SCC reviews:

  • Appalachian Power (APCo) – 2023
  • Dominion Energy – 2024

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Recent Developments

2021 Dominion Rate Case FAQs

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