For the first time since 2015 Dominion Energy’s primary regulator, the State Corporation Commission (SCC), will fully review and potentially adjust what Dominion Energy customers pay for electricity. Through a regulatory process called the triennial review, also known as a rate case, the SCC will determine:

  • If and by how much the company overcharged customers.
  • If refunds are due to customers.
  • The amount of profit Dominion should earn in future years.
  • If there is going to be a rate increase or decrease.

After overcharging customers by hundreds of millions for years, Dominion has requested a significant profit increase that could cost customers billions more in additional charges. We cannot allow Dominion to keep squeezing every last penny out of Virginia families and small businesses. The State Corporation Commission must deny Dominion’s request and lawmakers must reform our utility regulations so that all Virginians can power their homes and businesses with clean and affordable energy. 

The public can participate right now in the 2021 Dominion rate case by signing the petition.

Tell the SCC to Say ‘No’ to Dominion’s Request for a
Profit Increase

Recent Developments

Frequently Asked Questions

Rate Case Calendar

Important dates for Dominion’s 2021 rate case:

New Filing May 18
Notice of participation as respondent July 30
Direct testimony filings from respondents September 3
Direct testimony from SCC Staff September 17
Dominion Rebuttal testimony October 1
Public witnesses registration October 20
Public witnesses testimony October 22
Public comments October 22
Evidentiary hearing October 25
Tentative final order December 31 – January 18

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