Debra Rodman
District 73

Delegate Debra Rodman is an educator and advocate who joined the House of Delegates in 2018, representing part of Henrico County.

As a candidate, Delegate Rodman took a principled position against taking money from regulated utility monopolies, signing the Activate Pledge, and as a delegate she voted against SB 966, the “Grid Modernization Bill,” which curtailed the oversight powers of the State Corporation Commision over Dominion Energy and co-patroned legislation from Clean Virginia Champions Danica Roem and Sam Rasoul to strengthen the SCC’s ability to curtail overcharges and protect consumers.

A strong champion of clean governance, in her first legislative session she was the co-patron of a bill to prohibit the personal use of campaign funds and of a bill to strengthen the disclosure requirements of political campaign advertisements. She worked across the aisle to create an executive branch position of Special Assistant to the Governor for Coastal Adaptation and Protection and was a co-patron of fellow Clean Virginia Champion Delegate Chris Hurst’s legislation to require natural pipelines to commission independent tests of the quality of ground water in each property in the right-of-way before operation.