Gwendolyn Gooditis
District 10

Delegate Wendy Gooditis represents parts of Clarke, Frederick and Loudoun Counties in Virginia’s House of Delegates. Elected in 2017, she took the Activate Virginia pledge as a candidate and continues to refuse money from regulated utility monopolies as a legislator.

She is a strong champion for clean governance; in her first session in the general assembly she introduced legislation requiring the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council to conduct an annual inspection of disclosure forms and legislation limiting the value of gifts elected officials from lobbyists. She co-patroned a bill strengthening disclosure requirements on political campaign advertisements and another to prevent the conversion of campaign funds for personal use which passed the House.

She has also fought hard for clean energy and clean competition, voting against the Grid Modernization Bill (SB 966) that stripped utility monopolies of regulatory oversight and introducing legislation to establish community energy programs, authorize community solar generation facilities, and to create a renewable energy property tax credit. She worked with fellow Clean Virginia Champions Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy and Delegate Lee Carter to protect residents in northern Virginia from coal ash, co-sponsoring Carroll Foy’s legislation directing the closure by July 1, 2022 of any coal combustion residuals surface impoundment located in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and Carter’s legislation prohibiting the disposal of coal combustion residuals except by recycling or beneficial reuse. Similarly, she worked to protect residents of Southwestern Virginia from environmental damages from natural gas pipelines and was the co-patron of legislation from Clean Virginia Champion Delegate Hurst requiring the operator of natural gas pipelines to commission an independent test of the quality of ground water for each property in the right-of-way of the pipeline.