John “Chap” Petersen
District 34

Senator Chap Petersen is a lifelong resident of Fairfax county, which he represented in the House of Delegates from 2002-2007 and in the State Senate since 2008.

Petersen has been a leading champion of clean energy policy for over a decade, writing legislation to eliminate the annual license tax for hybrid motor vehicles and legislation to protect Virginians’ right to install solar power devices without interference from their community association, both of which have become law. In pursuit of sensible renewable energy policy, has sponsored many pieces of legislation attempting to create cleaner competition between the large regulated utility monopolies in the state and small scale renewable energy attempts.

In the 2018 session, Petersen sponsored a bill that would have refunded Dominion’s overcharges to the consumers and restored the ability of the SCC to regulate energy rates that had been curtailed in the 2015 “rate freeze.” He voted against the “Grid Modernization Act” (SB 966), which did the opposite. Senator Petersen worked with fellow Clean Virginia Champion Delegate Danica Roem to sponsor multiple bills in both the House and Senate that sought to strengthen the SCC’s ability to regulate energy prices in Virginia and protect consumers.

A strong champion of clean governance, Petersen also worked with Delegate Roem to introduce legislation in both bodies of the Assembly that prohibited campaign contributions from public service corporations and legislation to stop the “revolving door” lobbyist problem by strengthening conflict of interest laws.