Clean governance. Clean energy. Clean competition.

Our Mission

To advance clean governance, clean energy, and clean competition that creates more jobs for Virginians, cheaper electricity, and resiliency by ending the monopolistic political influence of Dominion Energy on Virginia politics. 


Through civic education and organizing, Clean Virginia works to ensure that Virginia voters understand the costs to Virginia jobs, electricity rates, and security from Dominion’s monopoly influence in Richmond. And through political and donor outreach we work to ensure that elected officials who stand up for clean governance, clean energy, and clean competition have the support of the people.

Clean Virginia is prepared to provide clean, no-strings attached campaign financing for candidates who sign a pledge to refuse money from Dominion Energy. The need for campaign finance will no longer be an excuse to take money from the corporations we expect our representatives to oversee on our behalf.

“The Virginia Way is pay-to-play: people elect politicians, and politicians work for donors.”
— Jeff Thomas, Virginia Politics and Government in a New Century