End Corruption. Protect Consumers.  

In Virginia, corruption is legal, and it is time for that to end. Our politicians are allowed to take unlimited corporate cash, even from state monopolies that they have a duty to monitor on our behalf. Clean Virginia is fighting for consumers and communities by preventing publicly-regulated monopolies like Dominion Energy from giving donations or gifts to the politicians who are supposed to work for us. This corruption costs Virginia families real money, good jobs, and local control over our communities.

Clean Virginia is prepared to provide clean, no-strings attached support to candidates who refuse money from publicly regulated electric monopolies. The need to fund a campaign will no longer be an excuse to take money from the corporations we expect our representatives to oversee on our behalf.

Join us now in demanding a Clean Virginia.


“Dominion Energy gets special consideration in Richmond because it is by far the top corporate donor to political campaigns. Why do voters put up with this? Why haven’t they revolted? Don’t they care that their elected representatives repeatedly have cheated them?” 

- Dan Casey, Roanoke Times



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