Community Giving

Clean Virginia Community Giving supports innovative efforts to eliminate corruption in Virginia politics and foster an equitable clean energy system by distributing small grants to respected organizations and initiatives. Organizations in Virginia supporting these goals are welcome to apply for funding.

Completing a funding proposal will take approximately 1-2 hours. If you need assistance with your application or if you have questions or feedback for us, please contact Clean Virginia’s Advocacy and Organizing Manager at [email protected].

The 2023 deadline to apply has passed.


Examples of proposals we are excited to support:

  • Efforts to systematically eliminate and alleviate the energy burden in Virginia. The energy burden is defined as the percentage of a household’s income spent on energy costs.
  • Efforts to create a fair energy system defined by community control, accessibility, affordability, and sustainability.
  • Efforts to provide fair and accurate information to the public and elected officials on issues of clean energy and clean government.
  • Efforts to strengthen democracy and transparency in Virginia politics though ethics and campaign finance reform.
  • Efforts led by the communities most impacted by an unjust energy system and the climate crisis.

Examples of proposals this project is not equipped to support:

  • Voter registration and Get Out the Vote activities.
  • Activities to support a political candidate.
  • Operational or administrative funding for a political party or organization.

Eligibility guidelines:

  • Based in Virginia.
  • Community groups and nonprofits with advocacy missions related to clean energy, climate change, energy burden, environmental justice, civic engagement, good governance, anti-corruption, utility reform, and/or economic justice.


We strive to maintain solid relationships with our partners, stakeholders, and our community built on collaboration, inclusivity, and transparency. As such, we remain committed to being accountable, accessible, and offer full financial disclosure.

Clean Virginia’s funding is provided by our Board Chair, Michael Bills. For details on Clean Virginia’s financial reports and political giving, please visit our listing at Virginia’s Public Access Project.