Founder's Statement: Clean Virginia

Michael Bills, Clean Virginia Founder:

“In 2018, I founded Clean Virginia in an attempt to offset the undue and harmful influence that Dominion Energy and other utility monopolies have over Virginia politics. This influence costs Virginians hundreds of millions of dollars annually, denies Virginians thousands of jobs, damages the health of our citizens and environment, and destroys trust in government.

My motivation is simple: I love Virginia and want to do what I can to ensure it works best for all Virginians. I graduated from public schools in Virginia, as did my four children who were raised in Albemarle County. My home and my business are in Virginia. More than 20 years ago I co-founded the Sorensen Institute to help civic-minded politicians of both parties more effectively govern. I consider Clean Virginia to be a continuation of this effort.

I am the general partner of an asset management firm that is responsible for investing approximately $1.5 billion globally. My Clean Virginia efforts, and my personal contributions to candidates in Virginia, are wholly separate from my investment activities. I have no business interests before the General Assembly or with the Commonwealth of Virginia and serve on no state or municipal boards.

I am using the wealth I have gained in the four decades since I graduated from Hampton High School to fund Clean Virginia and its affiliated PAC in the hopes that we can collectively build a more equitable system of government that puts the interests of Virginians above those of monopoly utilities.”