February 2, 2019

Clean Virginia Chair Calls for Governor Northam's Resignation

Michael Bills, Chairman of the Board of Clean Virginia, released the following statement: 

“Yesterday, Governor Ralph Northam acknowledged that he was photographed in a ‘clearly racist and offensive’ costume after a picture from his yearbook page surfaced of a man in blackface posing with a man dressed in KKK robes.

I echo the voices of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, the Virginia House Democratic Caucus, the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus, and the NAACP in calling for Governor Northam’s immediate resignation. Our Commonwealth is still grappling with its painful racial legacy and reeling from a surge of white supremacist violence over the past several years. If Virginia is to move forward in its path towards healing and reconciliation, it must have principled moral leadership. Governor Northam has lost both his moral authority as well as the trust of the public. He must step down.”