February 14, 2020

Clean Virginia Withdraws Sponsorship of Blue Commonwealth Gala: Statement from Clean Virginia Board Chair Michael Bills

Statement from Clean Virginia Board Chair Michael Bills: 

I regret to announce that Clean Virginia has withdrawn its top-tier sponsorship from the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Blue Commonwealth Gala due to the Party’s last-minute decision, communicated to us by its leadership, to grant Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax a featured speaking spot at tomorrow’s Gala.

Last year, I joined the Virginia House and Senate Democratic Caucuses, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, and a large contingent of Virginia’s elected Congressional Delegation in calling for Fairfax’s resignation in light of the credible allegations of rape and sexual assault made against him. In the year since, he has used his position of power to further attack his accusers. I remain resolute in my conviction that Fairfax needs to resign. Particularly coupled with the lack of hearings in the House of Delegates into the allegations against him, I am gravely concerned that granting Fairfax the honor of speaking at the Gala sends an exculpatory message I do not believe is merited and in which Clean Virginia will have no part.