Press release: December 16, 2021

‘Commitment to consumer protection’: Clean Virginia responds to Del. Jones’ resignation

‘Commitment to consumer protection’: Clean Virginia responds to Del. Jones’ resignation 


Cassady Craighill, Clean Virginia Communications and Advocacy Director, [email protected], 828-817-3328

December 16, 2021 

In response to news that Del. Jay Jones (D-Norfolk) is resigning from his House of Delegate seat representing Virginia’s 89th District, Clean Virginia Political Director Lizzie Hylton said, 

“Delegate Jay Jones has left his mark in the Virginia General Assembly as a consumer protection champion committed to keeping the big boys honest. He led a bipartisan campaign for overdue electric utility reform in Virginia, fighting to return over $1 billion in overcharges from Dominion Energy to Virginia families and small businesses. Jones’ campaign message to prioritize people before corporate utility profit during his bid for Virginia Attorney General energized hundreds of thousands of voters and helped cement the issue of accountability for Virginia’s utility monopolies in statewide elections. We wish him and his growing family good health and the best of luck.” 

“As Virginians face rising everyday expenses and with the severe impacts of the climate crisis having already arrived at the doorsteps of Norfolk’s residents, it is imperative that Del. Jones’ successor and his General Assembly colleagues take up the mantle of climate justice and an affordable and fair clean energy transition that benefits all Virginians.”

Del. Jones patroned multiple utility reform bills in the House of Delegates that sought to restore oversight from Virginia’s electric utility regulators. Clean Virginia Fund endorsed Del. Jones for Attorney General during the 2021 Democratic primary and contributed $250,000 to his campaign.