Press release: March 28, 2023

Clean Virginia Endorses 52 Candidates for General Assembly

Record Number for Electoral Program

Charlottesville, VA — Today, Clean Virginia announced its endorsement of 52 candidates plus an additional round of funding support totaling $686,500 from Clean Virginia’s bipartisan Political Action Committee, Clean Virginia Fund. All endorsed candidates and funding recipients have taken a principled stance against accepting campaign contributions from Virginia’s electric monopolies – Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power Company – including their employed lobbyists and executives, and owning stock in those corporations. Additionally, Clean Virginia’s endorsed candidates will fight for an equitable transition to clean energy that’s accessible and affordable for all Virginians.

This is a historic number of endorsements for the organization’s electoral program which works to elect a majority of clean energy and good governance leaders to the Virginia General Assembly.

“This year’s election for the General Assembly is a generational opportunity to shift the landscape in the state legislature towards one that favors a people-powered government over one dominated by corporate utility interests,” said Brennan Gilmore, Executive Director of Clean Virginia. “We are excited to have an incredible slate of ethical and affordable clean energy champions who are committed to fighting for a system that works for families and communities, not against them.”

“For too long, utility monopolies have dominated the political agenda in Virginia,” said Justin Jones, Political Director of Clean Virginia. “Our aim is to elect legislators who will prioritize clean governance, environmental justice and transparency in all decision making. We must meet the energy needs of Virginia’s families by alleviating the burden on their wallets, not unfairly bolster the bottom line for corporate giants.”

Clean Virginia’s electoral program focuses on supporting campaigns with the resources needed to run successful campaigns, a systemic issue that hinders many first-time candidates of color and women candidates. Clean Virginia is committed to ensuring candidates have resources for robust field programs, communications, and quality staff that help to establish a successful campaign.

So far, Clean Virginia has funded 96 candidates during this election cycle, totaling nearly $2.5 million in campaign contributions. This round of endorsements includes 6 incumbent State Senators, 18 incumbent House of Delegates, 9 Senate candidates and 19 House candidates.

“We are working to ensure that quality candidates are able to hire, recruit, and build successful campaigns that lead to victory,” Jones added. “For us, that means contributing the tools, expertise and time so a new generation of talented leaders are able to serve in public office.”

View the first round of endorsements at and learn how we are working to end greed in Virginia politics.


Clean Virginia is a 501(c)4 independent advocacy organization with an associated Political Action Committee, Clean Virginia Fund. Clean Virginia works to fight corruption in Virginia politics in order to promote clean energy, a robust, competitive economy, and community control over our energy policy. We are motivated by the core belief that our democracy should serve everyday Virginians over special interests.